basedSKIN. | About Us

We believe in plant-based skincare: fewer, natural ingredients that DO MORE.

basedSKIN. is a plant-based skincare line in which products are each based on a few, natural ingredients in combination with polypeptides. We say ‘NO’ to parabens, fragrances, dyes, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, and all harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Basically, You.


“Bored with skincare campaigns and brand websites filled with multiple angles of product packaging, I wanted to see my product come to life. I believe in showcasing our product through physical results and photographs.”


“While analyzing an industry lacking originality (now more than ever) ; it was imperative that every fiber of my being be implemented into my brand. From the choice of ingredients, to campaign designs, all the way down to product packaging —I created it all.”


“I wanted a skincare line that showcases a variety of ethnicities—as well as each gender, skin type, & skin concern. Skin care is vastly personal. You wake up to it and go to sleep to it. I want everyone to feel included.”

Beyond The Basics.



We want to change the way you see natural beauty products. Organics make us gorgeous. We’re not looking to conform to a photo of greens—or even conform to what the stereotypical “natural skincare consumer” looks like. When you look in the mirror after using Collugreen™, we hope you feel as (if not more) beautiful as you do with a full face of makeup. And we hope after you apply your make up, it gives you a flawless finish because you started with our skincare.


-Creator/Owner basedSKIN.