Job Opportunity.

Gain access to our current listing of job opportunity with exclusive content available to our list of creators! Simply select from a list of assignments and complete the assignment by or before its due date. The incentive of the assignment will be listed alongside each opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain free products?

Begin by completing our Skincare Survey in its entirety so we can tailor products to your particular skin type and needs. To speed up the process: we recommend using the same email universally across our site (the same email for your login to our website is the same email you enter in the skincare survey, access request form, etc.).

You must create an account to our website for appointment page access.

The appointments page will have your E-Contract Downloadable PDF to fill out and return signed.

You will be sent our products in which you will then create your initial product video to even out your balance.

What if I don’t know how to edit videos or photos?

No worries, we will handle editing for you. The base pay is already factoring in the editing process for you. If you edit your own videos, this will already raise your rate of pay. 

How much can I make from a single assignment?

On average; $25-$250 per single assignment, however, there are assignments that pay up to $500 for the most qualified influencers. As our brand expands our numbers will raise significantly. Our influencer opportunity will close at some point, so sign up while we are only beginning the process.

What is the “base pay” and why is it significantly lower?

The base pay is the lowest amount you can potentially be paid for an assignment. This is listed next to every assignment. Other variables are factored into your rate of pay including follower amount, rate of engagement, content quality, self-editing, and where the content will be displayed. Your views and influenced purchases will also be factored into your added percentage every month. You are paid based on assignment involvement in combination with your social media analytics.

How unedited or “raw” can my content actually be?

When recording a video, we recommend splitting the video into major sections and rolling through each major section without stop. If you make a mistake or stumble over your words; simply pause and then repeat the idea once more without physically stopping the recording.

We will edit footage up to three times the maximum video length expectancy (For instance: a 3-5 minute long video will accept 15 minutes worth of footage). Anything longer must be cut down before sending in.

What if I change my mind after I already selected the assignment?

Sometimes, you may select an assignment and then change your mind. We ask that if you select a job opportunity, at least attempt what you selected. If it still isn’t the right fit, cancel it as soon as possible so another influencer can pick it up.

What happens if I selected the assignment, never do it, and forget to cancel?

It will return to the influencer board for another to pick up. Please be considerate to other influencers and don’t make it a habit.

What is the purpose of checking-in?

You will discover a “check-in” contact form on the assignment page. Checking in is a great way to make sure your video or photo is being created “correctly”. This is especially great for new influencers that haven’t gone through the creation process. Your content’s quality will be privately based on a point system on our end. Accuracy of information and other aspects such as your overall effort, attitude, and more will all contribute to your points. If you don’t necessarily have a ton of followers, but your content is exceptional - you will still have the opportunity to earn significantly higher pay percentages from the base pay. Checking in will help you make sure your content is what we’re looking for before you submit your final draft.

How often do we get paid?

You are paid after the completion of assignment, on the due date of the assignment.